Words of the Mother
Words of Sri Aurobindo

Supreme secrets in ordinary day to day language.

Supreme Words

Vol. 1 Prayers and Meditations

Sri Aurobindo 'On Himself ' (SABCL Vol. 26)

Vol. 2 Words of Long Ago

The Mother (SABCL Vol. 25)

Vol. 3 Questions and Answers

The Hour of God (SABCL Vol. 17)

The Life Divine (SABCL Vol. 18-19)

SAVITRI 'A Legend and a Symbol' (SABCL Vol. 28-29)


Letters on Savitri (SABCL Vol. 29)

Letters on Yoga - Vol. 1 (SABCL Vol. 22)


Letters on Yoga - Vol. 2 (SABCL Vol. 23)


Letters on Yoga - Vol. 3 (SABCL Vol. 24)


Synthesis of Yoga (SABCL Vol. 20-21)

Essays on the Gita (SABCL Vol. 13)


SABCL = Sri Aurobindo Birth Centenary Library