The Supermind

THERE are three layers of the Supermind corresponding to three activities of the intuitive mind:

1. Interpretative Supermind
First is what I call Interpretative Supermind, corresponding to Intuition. I call it interpretative, because what is a possibility on the mental plane becomes a potentiality on the supramental plane and the Interpretative puts all the potentialities before you. It shows the root cause of events that may become true on the physical plane. When Intuition is changed into its supramental value, it becomes Interpretative Supermind.

2. Representative Supermind
Next comes what I call the Representative Supermind. It represents the actual movements of potentialities and shows what is in operation. When Inspiration is changed into its supramental value, then it becomes this Representative Supermind. Even this is not the highest. There you know certain potentialities in thought and action working and you can in many cases say what would happen or how a certain thing happened if it does.

3. Imperative Supermind
There is the Imperative Supermind which corresponds to Revelation. That is always true. Nothing can stand against it. It is knowledge fulfilling itself by its own inherent power.